The Rain and the Light

The air is incredible right now. What a difference a few heavy rains make. The greens of high summer are glowing in the last rays of sundown. There's drama in the sky overhead.

- - - - - - - - 

Yesterday, for the fun of it, for the procrastination of it, I started bopping around the back-end of my site, reacquainting myself with the progress I'd made on my new template, which I had planned on rolling out all at once when it was complete and perfect. Lo and behold, I discovered the template I'd been sitting on and slowly making progress with has been "retired." Oh well. In truth this has reinvigorated my desire to see my site update through, and it's encouraged me to keep my existing template which has some newly available upgraded features.

In fact, check it out >>>>>>>>>>>>

I've got a blog sidebar.

Isn't that cool?