New Calling ~ Cards for Pencilfox

I only highlight commissioned projects on my blog every so often. When a project or client means something to me, and has helped me think about what I do and how I do it in a new and unique way, I love to be able to feature the resulting work.

Marie Bell, AKA pencilfox, is such a client. Marie recently retired from a long career helping people. I don't know for sure, but I have a feeling this was something of a calling for her. Now that she's retired, a get a sense that a new calling is tugging at her, that's why I felt like naming these "calling cards" seemed so appropriate.

What we ended up with is absolutely unique to Marie ~ we used her own handwriting and drawing as the font for her new cards.

The technical deets are that she sent me a note, in which she had handwritten her name and website address. I scanned this, opened it in Illustrator, poked and prodded at a few wacky blips and blobs that showed up in the scan, and created a clean piece of vector art to turn into a photopolymer plate for letterpress printing.

I truly adore how these turned out. I love the little heart and leaves that are so personable and true. I'm wishing for marvelous, creative adventures ahead for pencilfox. I hope her new cards serve her well and help to mark her passage toward her new calling! Visit her website and read about it here: