Autumn Harvest

Drawing in progress for "Autumn Harvest" gift wrap, bringing the garden in to draw
Creating a mockup for "Autumn Harvest" paper design
Autumn Harvest drawing work in progress

There are so many drawings in progress in my studio right now it's literally making me jumpy! I'm having the hardest time simply focusing on one thing at a time, but for the sake of this blog post I'll narrow my scope to a single design - this Autumn Harvest pattern which will soon be ready to carve and print.

The very thought of fall evoking pumpkin spice has become such a dreadful cliche but I have to admit it feels pretty cinnamon sugary around here lately. I've put myself in a bit of a self-imposed lock-down, so I haven't been venturing out much in order to hyper-focus on studio work. A side-effect of this has been baking, and lots of chai tea in the afternoons.

Pencil lead. Tea. Pumpkin spice.

It was very wet and rainy the other day when I wanted to draw some of the fall harvest from the vegetable garden, so I killed two birds with one stone and brought the garden in. Our garden beds are clean and ready for a layer of winter mulch, though the nasturtiums are still running wild and there's winter lettuce, spinach, kale, and chard growing still. This weekend I'll get the garlic in the ground.

Until then, there's a long list of items to tick off one by one inside the studio, and more to show you very soon.