Week in Progress: 2017 Calendar!

Letterpress printed 2017 poster calendar with red-tailed hawk linocut print.
Red-tailed hawk linocut print in progress. This is the final color, printing the cinnamon-red on the tail.
2017 letterpress printed wall calendar, year-at-a-glance poster calendar with red-tailed hawk linocut print.

My 2017 calendar is printed, trimmed, and orders are already going out the door!

They are available in my Etsy shop, or here on my website under the Shop Online tab.

For 2017, the edition is limited to 75. The linocut is four colors, and the dates printed from photopolymer plates are printed in three, totaling seven press-runs. I printed the hawk and the green field as a reduction cut, or "suicide print", meaning that this plate has been destroyed so this will be a true limited edition. Once this print is gone, it will be gone!

Sewing a pamphlet book project for a local artist.

My calendar production took up most of this week. The weather was perfectly suited to printing ~ sunny, warm, and mild. I printed with the windows open and the music up to 11 until dark. I was so thrilled to be able to send the first orders out on Friday.

Since then, the weather has shifted, and I've been happily binding small projects for clients in my studio while the rain comes and goes, and while the wind has blustered and blown. I've been listening to a fascinating podcast called Undisclosed which delves into the minutia of the criminal justice system and trial case law. If you listened to the first season of Serial then you'll be familiar Undisclosed's first season topic. Give it a listen if you're like me and keen on highly detailed, granular investigations into legal topics where they intersect with human personalities and sociology. 

Happy October!