Halcyon Trails

This past fall I was contacted by a couple of lovely ladies, Sara and Bernadette of Rainbow Squared, who had a plan to publish a Portland-centric coloring book illustrated by artists who live in and love the city.

I was excited to take part and leapt at the chance to illustrate a part of the Portland landscape, since it's already such a large inspiration for my work. I chose a perspective from a point in North Portland looking upstream along the Willamette River, a point from which Forest Park seems to reach it's long arm all the way to the shore, and from which you can see Mt. Hood on a clear day, and the sparkle of downtown lights in the distance at night.

One of Portland's most endearing qualities, to me, is the fact that there's still so much opportunity to observe nature right in the heart of the city. Blue Herons, for example, perch and hunt the shores of the river, and I often spot their dragon-like forms uplifted on airstreams above my house as they traverse the peninsula.

You can see the work of all twelve artists who participated in this project, called Halcyon Trails, on the Rainbow Squared website. While you're there be sure to check out the Kickstarter campaign to fund the printing of the coloring book and to get it out into the world. It's especially great to see the different representations of Portland from the perspectives of the various artists - what we love and admire about our city is evident, and at the same time it's all a part of a charming whole!