The Spring Agenda

golden currant

You should really see this spring, right here in the Pacific Northwest. It's SO GREEN. I guess It's green every year, all year long; but now? Right now? The way the sun sparkles off new leaves, how the leaves fill in the gaps between the branches and hide the sky, and how the purple and pink and red blossoms everywhere are so fragrant! The clematis is climbing, the grape vines are winding, and the roses are blushing pink in their funny little neglected, composty corner of the back yard.

I forgot to get photos of our lovely backyard lilac tree this year. After several years of inconsistent blooming, the past three years it has developed into a magnificent mature shrubbery centerpiece. The smell has been pretty great, so perfumy. I've even stepped onto the back deck on my way to the print shack and have stopped to sniff around to determine who was wearing that scent! Oh, you, lilac! Just you! Good.

Anyway. I'm participating in several markets this spring. I really hope you can swing by for one or two of them. After weeks of job work I'm just now getting around to finishing up the handful of new items I'll be bringing to these shows along with my oldies and goodies.

For full details, you can always go to my Upcoming Events page, found under the Contacts link in the main menu above. Or you can just click this link right now.

The short of it is this:

April 20th ~ Mom's and Family Weekend Art Festival on the Oregon State University campus, from 10am-5pm

May 1 ~ Rieke Art Fair! One of my favorites of all time, every year. 11am-3pm

May 14 ~ ST. JOHNS BIZARRE! I needn't say more!

June 4 ~ Crafty Wonderland! This will be my first Crafty ever!

Check back soon for highlights and updates that I'll pass along as the dates grow closer!