The Real Life

A few notes to keep in touch, a random smattering from my brain as I prepare for two (TWO!) craft markets in the same weekend:

 - I've had Bohemian Rhapsody, and alternately We Are the Champions, sealed in my head for days now. I recently read an article regarding the study of Freddie Mercury's voice in which they found his singing vibrated particular ventricular folds in a similar manner to Tuvan throat singers.

- This month I've been riding Forest Park trails a couple of times a week on my trusty single speed mountain bike. My route starts at my front door, crosses the famous green landmark bridge, and takes me into the hills in either the early morning before the day begins, or at the end of my long studio days. I've been tracking my time and effort on Strava, and setting personal bests each time out. My legs are finally getting stronger. I'm a fickle athlete, but a vein of competitiveness runs strong in me.

- As I mentioned above, I'll be participating in two craft markets this weekend, one of them out of town. I love market season, but I'm looking forward to Monday when I might finally take a small break. I'm looking forward even more so to June 5th, after my final show of the spring, when my summer studio days will begin and I can pull back and become more experimental.

- The Machinist and I made it out to the eastern Columbia Gorge last weekend just in time for the wildflower display on Sevenmile Hill. We flushed about 10 coveys of chukar and lay back in the balsamroot fields eating cold chicken and apple slices with cheese. We took in the Columbia River from above, imagining what it must have been like before dams when the river was wild and salmon practically jumped into Chinook fishing nets. Then we drove into Hood River for brew pub beers and basking in the sun at an outdoor table before heading back to the gloom and rain of Portland. A good reminder that sunshine is often only an hour's drive away.