Lavender & Apples for Earth & Sky Farm and Other Sundry Work

apple logo illustration for Oregon farm


Work-life balance. Is there really such a thing? I don't know. For me work and life are part and parcel. My mornings bleed into afternoons into evenings; drawing, cooking, gardening, home renovations all blend together to create a life. A working life. A life blissed with art and clients and my own production work, with a sturdy home and a true partner to hold it with.

So when I think of my summer in the studio, I also think of the dump truck load of tree chips that was piled high in our driveway early this month that we've been hauling wheel barrow load by wheel barrow load to the far corners of our city lot. I think about the three cords of firewood which will be delivered next Saturday. I think of the pollinator garden I've been tending - brand new with barely a flower bud yet - but holding the promise of a wild and bountiful place for the birds, butterflies, and bees of the near future. I think about the chickens who delight in their brand new clump of clean straw which they distribute themselves throughout their run.

I started this summer with a long list of items I wanted to design for fall and winter production. I am overwhelmed by it really. There are so many things I've wanted to do all at once! It's been an exercise in really embracing iteration, drawing a thing over and over until I feel it captures the spirit I'm after. Putting things aside and starting a new project, only to return to the others and realize that I have a half-dozen things in progress and nothing "finished". The lie of the finished...that's another essay altogether. This is turning into a ramble.

Thanks for being here and sharing it all with me.

Earth & Sky Farm logo illustration - lavender


I'm thrilled to finally show one of the client illustrations I've finished this summer. Some projects foster long-term relationships, such as with Earth & Sky Farm's illustrated logo, which I began the first of four versions almost two years ago. I recently finished the cider apple and the lavender.

The folks at Earth & Sky Farm, which is a Christmas tree farm, have, over the years, been diversifying their land from being a mono-crop to include fruit trees, grape arbors, hops, and lavender. Their farm is tended with about as much love as a place can be, and it's been a pleasure to help them bring their graphic identity in line with the diverse work that they do.