This Week in a Nutshell

The St. Johns Constitutional last weekend was a blast! It was a beautiful sunny day, the music was good, the smells of the herbs at the farmers market filled the air, and the crowd was a delight to talk with. It was one of those days that made me feel great about what I get to do. 

Now that the bulk of our summer projects are being tied up, our attentions are turning inward. This week we spent some time moving equipment around and clearing space within the indoor areas, and I cleaned many cobwebs that have developed in my print studio over the summer. I organized shelves and found that I have lots of space since spending the time this spring to clear out the piles of type that had been taking up room in my studio for years.

On Tuesday we moved my paper cutter from the garage into the studio. It's a damn revelation! Space to lay out work in progress is a breath of fresh air. I went to work trimming the pages of Anne's chapbook with room to spread out, and with natural light!!

In case you're wondering, I use horse-pattern fabric as dust covers for my equipment.

I didn't do a stitch of my own personal work this week. Instead I focused on a few client projects, including a logo for a lovely local company which has quickly gone from a sketch to a real design ~ I'll hopefully be showing you the final results next week.

And with that, I'm off to pack for a trip to Idaho this weekend. We're packing the car and slipping out at the crack of dawn to head east into the inner-mountain west. See you on the other side of the mountains!