Week in Progress


Hello friends! I had hoped to post this on Friday, at the end of the work week; however, my work has extended right through the weekend so I'm just now buttoning things up so I can write about them. September is such a busy month, and with all of the house projects we're attempting to finish before the rainy season begins in earnest, my days are full.

Early in the week I sent Anne Greenwood's chapbook off to the printer - we're having digital copies made of a version of her artist book - after I finalized the layout. I wrote a little about Anne's project last week, and I hope to continue to make mention of it here as we finish the letterpress portion of the project and as her work nears completion.

Also, I finished the digital mock-up, (dare I say "hawk-up?) of my 2017 illustrated calendar, and it's available for PRE-SALE here on my website. I'm really thrilled to be offering this preview and pre-sale this year, so between now and when the print is ready to ship (sometime near September 23rd) I'm offering 25% off regular price.

As I write, I'm staring at the digital rendering of what will eventually become a linocut, and I'm baffled by the color. It looks quite different within this blog post than it does in my Etsy shop and even in my web store on this site. So please don't be alarmed or put off by the colors...however they may appear on your screen.

Anyway, let me know what you think of 2017's calendar! I'm excited to begin carving, and I can't wait to pull the first print.


I'm still at work on my in-progress Backyard Birds of the Pacific Northwest tiny coloring book. Again, the minute I thought I might be nearly finished I decided to add some backgrounds and context for each bird. BUT, I really AM finished with the drawings, and the layout, and there are just a few finishing touches to add before I start printing proofs.

In the meantime I spend most mornings drawing, working toward the next of this mini-series of mini-books, Edible Wild Plants of the West. I've found that this is a fantastic way to go into the work day, which may involve drawing for clients, meetings, or computer work; just a half an hour to an hour in my sketchbook, with my coffee. I may not even get particularly far on any given day. Often I pencil in a rough outline one morning and fill it in the next, but each small mark builds upon the next.


Finally, I'd like to wish my studio helper Nick a fond farewell in his next adventure beyond Portland. Nick has been periodically helping me with the enormous task of sorting type, which has made the job of finally getting my studio organized and manageable closer to reality.

On Friday he finished printing his poem, "Work", and headed off to another more rural and hopefully educational adventure. I'm a loner through and through, and I cherish the fact that I work alone. But Nick has been a pleasure to have around and a true boon to my studio, and I wish him well!

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