New Cards ~ The Midway Through Winter Edition

wolves howling letterpress card
Camellia letterpress printed card
Trillium and Mt. Hood letterpress greeting card
Robin Red-Breast letterpress Valentines Day card

Working "seasonally" has always been a problem for me. It honestly took me years to understand how damn early a stationer must develop and fully finish work for the different holidays and perennial events that mark our lives. I'm also just plain slow. For every time I mark a deadline for my personal work on my calendar, I will just as assuredly blow it. It doesn't help that I don't celebrate those markers in traditional ways. For example, I'm sure that Valentine's Day will blow past The Machinist and me without much acknowledgement. (Though one year he brought home a bicycle mechanic's stand for me on the the big V-day, which has been amazing!)

What I do love and appreciate is the perennial nature of things. The seasonal nature of things. I try hard to slow down to honor these progressions of the year. We've just passed Imbolc, or Candlemas, the mid-point between the winter solstice and the spring equinox, and I think of all February as Brigid's season, the time of year when the earth below the snow and ice begins to stir and the seeds and bulbs buried in the dark soil over the winter "quicken".

In February in western Oregon the camellia's begin to bloom, and already the robins are hopping around looking for nesting materials. By early march the trillium will start to pop up out of the damp soil in the woods. Despite this movement toward spring, we are still in winter, however. I don't want to rush toward spring, and there is still much to savor in late winter. The promise of spring is sweet enough for me for the time being.

So these cards can be thought of as cards for The Quickening. They are subtle love cards, perfect for Valentine's Day (there's still time for that!) but also wonderful for any occasion in which you just want to say I Love You.

They're here on my website, and also on Etsy.