Springtime for a Fall Wedding

Custom letterpress Quaker wedding certificate by Tiger Food Press


I want to spotlight a project I finished last fall for an outdoorsy Pacific Northwest couple. Their wedding theme was beautifully Cascadian, featuring trillium, false Solomon's seal, and sword ferns.

Their wedding took place in the fall, but the colors are so emblematic of northwestern spring. This design is by far one of my favorite client projects to date!

* * * * *

It's April, and it feels exactly as April in Oregon should feel. It's been the coldest year of many recent years, and for the first time in ages I feel as if springtime is unfolding at a pace my body understands. What this means to me is that everything has slowed down. The usual break-neck pace of spring has relaxed. Garden chores which often must be done in February have been reasonably put off until March and April, a time which feels right to me! I'm never, ever ready to start pruning the wildly overgrowing vines and pulling the excessive weeds on Valentine's Day. I'm not even ready by the Ides of March. Early April feels like the perfect time for spring to begin.

What is spring like where you are? My Instagram feed is full of spring snowfall pictures. From the Rockies to the northeastern seaboard there seems to be a last minute grab by winter to hold the turning season back a few more weeks.

willow blossom