Black & White

black cat and white flower

Both this white flowering perennial (which has been identified as Phlox) and this little black cat are survivors. Sam, the wee kitty in question has been living under our arborvitae since June when her people moved out of the house next door. To her people's credit, they did attempt to retrieve her several times, but she always came back. As she got hungrier and hungrier she crept closer and closer to our back door. She's being taken care of here, I keep telling myself, until we can get her home, but in reality I think Sam has already chosen where home is.

This phlox is the startling garden revelation of the year. The plant came with the house when we moved in 16 years ago. Through drought and years of neglect, it soldiered on...until recent years when it hasn't made an appearance. Last summer we finally got around to re-habbing this corner of the yard, which involved pulling every last weed, blackberry bramble, and ivy vine growing from the neighbors yard. If I couldn't identify it, I pulled it. I thought I might have in fact accidentally pulled the last vestiges if this flower. But a few weeks ago I noticed its spindly but hardy stems and leaves, and just a few days ago it started to bloom.