Chasing Inspiration

The other day I held this little moment of true inspiration in the palm of my hand, and gently nurtured it to life.

The other day, I stole such a moment, almost a preview of what's to come. I had no agenda, no end product or goal in mind, just the desire to draw and to sample new techniques. It occurred to me in that moment how rarely I offer myself this chance because I'm often so focused on a goal, or on a particular idea.

May has been tremendously busy, and tremendously focused on production. This coming Saturday I'll be participating in my sixth and final craft fair of this spring, and it will be the largest craft event I've ever taken part in. I can tell the timing couldn't be better to finish this show season as I'm just about jumping out of my skin to start on new ideas, ideas that I really want to take time with, not just crank out in response to a deadline.

I've gained a lot of insight and intuition about where I want to take my creative business from here. Participating in so many craft fairs, receiving such immediate feedback, and witnessing so many other artists in various stages of building their businesses has given me a massive jolt of electric motivation. And because of that, I'm going to spend the summer in my studio, taking back my drawing board, and giving my work the time and inspiration it deserves to develop.