Emptying & Fulfilling


I've just finished packing my car for tomorrow's St. Johns Constitutional. It's Friday night, I'm bone tired, and ready for bed. This week barely began before it was over. How in the world, I wonder? Just how in the world? 

I spent a lot of the week in traffic, at appointments, and fighting computer software. Some weeks this is just reality.

I also spent some time in my studio with a local artist whom I greatly admire, looking through the pages of the book she'd like me to bind for her, talking about artist residencies and Vipassana meditation retreats. I went to an art event produced by an emerging book artist who, judging by her richly imagined, impeccable work, is destined to have her name mentioned among the best very soon. I got to spend some time with an old friend in a legendary Portland dive bar talking about books, teaching, and life beyond this city. On balance, I'd say this week filled me up, despite my feeling of depletion right this moment.


I drew a little in my sketchbook. My daily drawing practice has hooked loosely. Some mornings it really is just impossible. I don't have the luxury of sketching every day, but I'm not striving for perfection. If I can draw three out of five days in my sketchbook, I feel as if that's enough to keep those muscles limber.

As a result, my Edible Wild Plants of the West coloring book is coming along, as it should, at it's pace. I have huckleberries drawn from a photo taken last year during foraging, and clover from the planter in my backyard that I keep for the chickens to munch on whenever it gets shrubby enough.

The hawk and landscape is now transferred to lino, ready for carving. I should mention, I pushed the anticipated shipping date back by a week, and I'm now shooting for deliveries to start around the 23rd-26th, allowing for more time at a reduced price, too!

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