Feather Linocut Black and White Block Print for Bird Lovers

Feather Linocut Black and White Block Print for Bird Lovers


This linocut art print is a feather pattern diagram based on the drawings of Robert Ridgway, a 19th century ornithologist. I first learned of him when I came across an article describing how he developed a color coding system which eventually became the Pantone color guides we use today. 

This is the first time I've ever carved a design that was not based on my own drawing, but when I saw the patterns these feathers made across the page I knew this would make a fun print to duplicate. The original drawing is in the public domain (I made sure!) and is available to view via the Smithsonian Libraries.

***** 15% from every one of these prints sold will be donated to the Audubon for their habitat conservation work. *****

My linocuts prints start from my pencil drawings and are carved by hand, then printed one color at a time on my Vandercook 4 letterpress. This print is an open edition, meaning it is not signed and numbered, and may be printed again.

This print measures 12" x 18", is printed in black in on 100% cotton printmaking paper. It will be mailed carefully rolled and secured in a mailing tube. To easily flatten prints after you receive them, simply lay the print flat under evenly distributed weight, such as a stack of books, for a day or so.

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